What Are the Best Sleep Apnea Devices That Don’t Use CPAP?

Sleep Apnea Devices

Treating sleep apnea through devices can be a potential solution. While surgeries are considered a permanent solution to treat sleep apnea, they may have potential risks too. So, most people prefer to stick to a Sleep Apnea Device for the solution. You must not stick to the traditional CPAP machine only when searching for such devices. Today there are so many options far better than the traditional CPAP machine. 

Sleep apnea can be of various types and so there are various devices available accordingly. If you suffer from the condition, you must check with a doctor to understand your type and then get the right device. However, if you are looking for a device that does not use CPAP, here are some of the common options available. 

EPAP Device:

Many people may consider EPAP almost similar to CPAP. However, if you look closely, EPAP is different from CPAP in many ways. It is not a mask unlike CPAP, rather it is a nose device to control the flow of air. Also, it does not require a machine for airflow, unlike CPAP, rather it controls your breathing to correct the airflow. 

Oral Devices:

Oral devices are perfect ways to create a gap for air passage. You must visit a dentist to understand the right kind of oral device suitable for you. You can mouth guards in which the dentist will adjust teh jaws to create space in the throat area. Similarly, there are devices to adjust your tongue to let you breathe more comfortably. 

Nasal Dilators:

Whether external or internal dilators, both work in opening up the nostril passage to create a gap for airflow. You can use an external dilator on your own by pasting the strip on your nostril. To use an internal dilator, you must get in touch with a doctor who will install the dilator inside the nose. 

Nerve Stimulator Device:

Nerve Stimulator device is one of the modern and innovative devices to treat sleep apnea. The doctor will place this device in between the chest and throat area. Now, when the device gets a sensation that you are not getting enough air for breathing, it will signal the brain to adjust the tongue and create a proper air passage gap. 

Sleep Positioning Device:

Some sleep apnea is positional. This means that sleep apnea happens only when you sleep in a particular position, such as on your back. Zzoma is an efficient sleep positioning device that is also convenient to use. You have to strap it around your chest, keeping the device on your back. Now, it will not allow you to sleep on your back. You will sleep sideways, in a position that will prevent snoring and other sleep apnea symptoms from occurring. 

If you feel uncomfortable using CPAP for sleep apnea, you must not stop exploring many other devices available today. Options such as dilators, sleep positioning devices, and many others are some of the best sleep apnea devices that don’t use CPAP. Ask your doctor and start using the most suitable one to get a sound sleep. 


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