A Quick Guide To Transport Car from Florida to New York

Transport Car from Florida to New York

When you are planning to ship a car from Florida to New York, you need a trusted and professional auto transport company whom you can trust when it comes to the shipment of your vehicles. This article covers everything you need to know about shipping from Florida to New York. This guide will help you to know the procedures to transport a car from Florida to New York, and it will also help you to choose the safe and trusted auto transport company for the shipment of your vehicles.

How To Ship A Car From Florida to New York?

We know that car shipping is not an easy process and it might be sometimes stressful and daunting but before that, you need to know the process of car shipping and with the help of an expert auto transport company you can transport a car from Florida to New York easily and securely without any stress. You just need to know the process of booking and enjoy the smooth car shipping services.

  • Contact the company and submit a few important details such as vehicle model, shipping trailer, and the date and time of the shipping, etc.
  • Choose the carrier type between the open and enclosed transport as per your requirements.
  • Get the car shipping quote and book the shipment.
  • Prepare your car for the shipment.
  • Get your vehicle picked up from your address.
  • Get the delivery of your vehicles.

Types of Shipping Services From Florida to New York

When it comes to transporting cars from Florida to New York, there are many different ways to ship, and there are many shipping services. Auto shipping companies offer different types of shipping services. Below, we have shared a list of the few most important car shipping services, and they are the following.

Open Transport

  • Open car transport is the cost-effective and the cheapest way to ship a car, and it is an open-air trailer with all open sides. In an open carrier, your vehicle will be loaded into an open trailer.
  • 90% of people choose this open car transport because of its shipping cost and trailer availability. It is the safest and most popular auto transport option, and people choose this open car trailer because of its limited availability and because it is the fastest car transport.
  • It is the safe shipping option but in this, your vehicle will be exposed to external elements and there may be a chance that your vehicle may get damaged.

Enclosed Transport

  • An enclosed carrier is an expensive car transport, and it is the best and the safest method for the shipment of high-value and classic cars.
  • It is an enclosed trailer, a closed trailer with all closed sides and roofs. You do not need to worry about its safety when you transport your vehicle with an enclosed carrier. Your vehicle is completely secured and protected from all other external elements, and this trailer offers high-security features.
  • This transport is used by those who own luxury and high-end vehicles and mostly businessmen and dealers use this trailer for the shipment of their valuable vehicles and the best premium auto shipping service for the safe transportation of vehicles.

Cross Country Shipping

  • Cross-country car shipping is the process of shipping vehicles from one city to another city or from state to state. It is the best option for those moving from one place to another and for the students moving to their campus.

Door to Door Shipping

  • When you choose this door to door shipping your car will be picked up from your address and then it will be delivered to your address.
  • Door-to-door shipping offers convenience and saves time, and you need not make extra efforts to pick up and deliver your vehicles.

Terminal to Terminal Shipping

  • The vehicle will be picked up from the terminal points and then dropped off at the terminal point.
  • Terminal to Terminal shipping is an affordable way to ship your vehicle, but it requires time and effort. You have to pick up your car from the terminal port to your address.
Types of Shipping ServicesTheir Uses
Open car transportThe vehicle will be shipped in an open trailer, the cheapest way to ship a car.
Enclosed car transportThe vehicle will be shipped in an enclosed trailer, which is expensive car transport.
Door to Door shippingThe vehicle will be picked up and delivered to the doorstep of your address.
Terminal to Terminal shippingThe vehicle will be picked up from the terminal points and then dropped off at the terminal point.
Cross Country car shippingThe process of shipping vehicles from one city to another.

How Much Does It Cost?

Many factors affect the shipping cost. They are the following,

  • Total distance between the pickups and delivery address.
  • Pickup and delivery locations
  • You have chosen a trailer type that is open and enclosed. Open car transport is cost-effective, while enclosed transport is expensive.
  • Fuel cost
  • Insurance costs and other additional costs add up to the shipping cost
  • Vehicle type, size, and weight also affect the shipping cost. Large and heavy vehicles will cost more.

How Long Does It Takes To Ship?

The time taken for the shipment is based on several factors such as distance, trailer type, weather conditions, etc. The time taken for the shipment does not include the pickup and delivery times, and the auto transport company will share the delivery updates as soon as the shipment starts.

  • Weather conditions
  • Type of the transport
  • Shipping demands
  • Shipping route
  • Route traffic and its construction
  • Pickup and delivery location

Prepare Your Car For The Shipment

Car shipping is not an easy process, once you have scheduled the shipment you have to prepare your car for transportation to ship your car securely and without any stress. Below, we have shared a few key points that will help you ship your car.

Before the Delivery

  • Wash and clean your car properly from inside to outside; this will help you inspect your car thoroughly.
  • Remove all your personal belongings from inside the car.
  • Take off all your necessary documents from inside the car.
  • Check for the tires and their pressure. If you are shipping during the winter then check whether the tires are insulated.
  • Check for the batteries and all other electric parts, and charge the battery of your vehicle to about 50%.
  • If your car has an alarm disable or disconnect the car alarms.
  • If you have noticed any loose parts or screws, tighten them before loading.
  • Get ready with the documents that are needed at the time of shipping.
  • Inspect your car before the shipment and check its condition.

After the Delivery

  • When the driver delivers your vehicle, inspect it carefully and check its conditions. If you notice any scratches or damage to it, immediately inform the driver.
  • Once you have completed the inspection, complete all the documentation and pay the shipping payment.
  • You have to make the payment through verified links if possible pay in cash.


We hope this guide has helped you, and if you are ready to transport a car from Florida to New York, then choose a professional auto transport company. It will save time and money, and auto transport companies the safe and on-time shipment of your vehicle. Just follow this guide contact the auto transport company and ship your car safely and with the confidence that your car will deliver to your address securely and on time without any delay.


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