Skirt Trailer

Skirt Trailer

I’ve come up with another advanced trailer known as the Skirt Trailer that provides fuel efficiency to drivers. These aerodynamic trailers have skirts present on both edges of trailers to compete against the wind, reduce air resistance and increase fuel efficiency. These skirts fill the gap between the rear and forward axles making the trailers more stable and standing against environmental concerns.

The rear axle and the gap between the truck and trailers reduces their inefficiency but the installation of side skirts that are also known as fairings makes it more efficient thus reducing the drag. They have a long life due to their fiberglass UV-protected bi-directional features. Its bent design makes it more rigid and unique but it sustains its flexibility. 

You can drive the trailer at a high structure retaining its structural integrity. You need in-depth insights about these trailers to learn more about them.

Facts about Skirt Trailers

  • These trailers are more lightweight and durable and are manufactured from No-break polypro sheets and TPO composite stanchions.
  • The skirts can be installed easily with the help of standard tools.
  • You can check their efficiency in such a way that these skirts can bend whenever the road objects come and then can pop up back to their place efficiently without any damage.
  • The secure, sturdy, and unique structure remains locked in its place without any damage despite harsh environmental conditions.

Side Skirts Today

These side skirts are low in cost, light in weight, and damage resistance and are considered the most popular among the trailers from the last 20 years. Van having a length of 53’ has these side skirts thus making them more fuel efficient. Keeping in check the emission of a large amount of carbon from trucks federal regulation comes into place and order to use the side skirts that prove very beneficial in reducing carbon emission. 

Uses and Benefits of Trailers

Now, you have to get a proper understanding of these heavy-duty skirt trailers that transport the cargo over large miles without any damage and also work well against wind resistance. I’ve compiled their uses with their profitable benefits, especially financial benefits.

1- Fuel Efficiency

The main purpose of these trailers is to make these trailers fuel efficient reducing wind interaction and drag especially on highways. It is an economical benefit of these trailers in terms of driving these trailers on long hauls without any fuel worry.

2- Environmental Impact

Another use of these side skirts in trailers is to lower the emission of Carbon Dioxide thus not harming to atmosphere. This benefit is offered by its fiberglass construction thus lowering the environmental footprint.

3- Cost Savings

Lowering fuel use directly affects the cost value which is very beneficial for trucking companies.

4- Increase Stability

Their effectiveness against the crosswinds makes these trailers more stable and efficient and also makes them more protective for the transport of cargo. That is the main reason that increases the demand for these trucks in the market.

5- Lightweight

Another advantage is that these trailers are light in weight even though they are made of steel and aluminum.

6- High Strength

These trailers have high strength both inner and outer increasing their resistance and protecting them from any physical damage. They are not only heat resistant but water resistant as well thus you can transport electricity equipment without any trouble. 

You don’t need to be worried about environmental conditions like humidity or rain because they can stand still and provide long-term benefits and services.

Effectiveness Of Side Skirts

It has been experienced that these skirt trailers are beneficial only on highways with high speeds. They are not equally beneficial for all types of trailers like low-feet thus they don’t provide desirable results. However, if you are travelling straight to the finds these skirts will prove very helpful for you. CFD known as Computational Fluid Dynamics is a great tool to check the efficiency of the flow of energy and the wake behind the wheels. 

Rear Wake Control

These aerodynamic traditional trailers have flat body faces with bluff body shapes. It gives rise to an unsteady flow structure while the front and side structure provide small recirculation areas because it is attached to the ground. It produces less pressure and energy making them more unsteady and lossy.

To cope with it reducing the drag and truck wake trailer skirts or fairings are added to the sides and rear of the trucks giving two benefits simultaneously. It reduces the size of wake and flow separation. They also help to recuse the drag but at the same time affect the functionality of the trailer making the loading and unloading a little bit difficult.

However, they are still playing an important role in lowering fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.  If you face any kind of wear and tear about these skirts or they require high maintenance cost then you can try its alternative.


Lastly, the fuel cost is a major headache in the trailer industry, and skirting on the sides of these trailers against the winds not only provides fuel efficiency but also provides great relief to the companies. Having these sturdy, durable, and stable trailers is everyone trailer is everyone’s choice and we offering it to you. 

Besides that, you will feel safe about your cargo because it provides the safest transport over large miles. It is your dreamland that will fulfill all your desires. 


Do these trucks also reduce the drag?

Yes, these trucks not only work against wind resistance but also reduce drag.

How much fuel do these trailers save?

These trailers save almost 5% of fuel which is according to the recent inspection.

Is it difficult to install Skirts along the sides of trailers?

No, it is not difficult rather it is really easy to install the skirts along the sides of trailers that provide wind resistance and less drag and also reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. 


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