Heels on Trend: Tips to Wear Them Perfectly


No party outfit actually gives a vibe without a perfect pair of heels. Well-built heels not only make a statement but also boost your confidence. Ladies walk like queens with a perfect pair of heels that complement their style and personality. Different types of heels- low heels or high heels are available to add the perfect amount of glamour to your different ensembles. Even if you are getting ready for a special event or considering a casual, beautiful look, knowing the art of adorning these sandals is significant. In this post, we will discuss tips to help you make the most out of your low and high heels and walk out with confidence. But first, knowing the different types of low and high-heeled sandals will be essential.

What Are Different Types of Low Heels for Women?

1. Short Block

The short-block heels are a combination of style, comfort, and functionality. Additionally, the shock retention and padding, the incorporated arch support, a chunky, moderate heel, and a smooth footbed are all its plus points.

2. Kitten

There are enough conversations regarding kitten heels, as not everybody likes them. Women who love them, moreover, see them as a direct way to enhance an ensemble with less hassle. They are short and conical, normally between 3 to 5 cm in height.

3. Wedges

Short-heeled wedges are informal work shoes for the summer season. Ladies are more likely to go to neighbouring cafes and eateries after office hours. But, certainly, the usefulness of wedges for work will depend on your dress code, so you still have to check while moving ahead with this option.

What are the Choices in High-heeled Sandals?

1. Stilettos

The popular stiletto is easily recognised by its extended heel. Its height can vary from 3 to 5 inches, and it generally has a pointed closed toe. Traditional stilettos are normally made of leather, but the styles and materials can differ for formal and informal occasions.

2. Strappy

Strappy sandals are a very graceful shoe option for any formal occasion. They can often have a single strap over the toes or come with a closed-toe design. They come in different varieties, such as slingbacks, ankle straps, and more.

3. Pumps

Pumps are a more formal shoe type. Conventional pumps are made of black leather and have an upward-angled sole with a closed toe. They are often the best choice among high heels.

How to Wear Women’s Heels in a Fashionable Way?

The allure of bold and heeled footwear is its capability to match casual and formal vibes. It can enhance attire for breakfast with the girls, a date night in the city- and even work and graduation events. These shoes offer you additional height and enhance your overall look. Here, you will find some of the important tips that will help you wear these shoe choices in different stylish ways:

1. Matching with Skirts and Dresses

Heeled sandals are much more versatile and can elegantly accompany dresses and skirts of different lengths. Choose a maxi dress for a simply adorable look, or combine a midi skirt with your heeled shoes for fashionable and polished attire.

2. Look Casual with Jeans or Shorts

Combine your sandals with a pair of jeans or shorts for a casual yet beautiful appearance. Rolled-up skin-fit jeans or cuffed boyfriend jeans work wisely, providing an easygoing yet stylish appearance. Denim skirts or high-waisted shorts also match well with heeled sandals, offering a fashionable and cosy ensemble.

3. Wear on a Day Out

Enjoying brunch with friends or going shopping in the city? A pair of beautiful heels has got you covered. Not only are they fanciful summer essentials, but they are also good for changing weather once we enter autumn. Offered in a number of colours and patterns, these shoes are perfect to add to a capsule wardrobe.

4. Choosing a Proper Colour

Selecting an appropriate colour for heeled shoes is significant for adaptable styling. Neutral colours such as black, nude, white, or metallics tend to mix easily with a wide variety of outfits. These colours allow easy grouping with a number of clothing options and are the best for getting a coherent look.

5. Wearing According to the Occasion

When styling sandals with heels, keep the occasion in mind. Go for decked or metallic shoes for a formal occasion, and select plain designs for a casual event. Changing your footwear as per the occasion assures that you keep the correct balance between style and aptness.

6. Experiment with Different Designs

Shoes with heels come in many designs, involving T-straps, ankle straps, and slide-ons. Try several designs to know what goes with your comfort and creative choices. Ankle strap sandals with a small heel provide increased support, making them the best option for increased wear, while slide-ons give accessibility and ease of use.

7. Think About the Heel Types

Heels come in a range of options, such as block, kitten, wedges, pumps, stilettos, and many more. You can choose comfortable sandals for stability and increased support so that you can wear them the whole day without any hassle. Or, if you are looking for an elegant touch, you can go for some higher-heel options for a more casual glimpse. Thus, it is essential to select a pattern that accompanies your outfit and the occasion.

8. Customise Your Style

Finally, the key to confidently adorning heeled shoes is to customize your style. Try different attires, combine them with your wardrobe, and adapt what makes you feel cosy and spectacular. Thus, confidence in your style will be illuminated, improving your complete presence in any surroundings.

Final Words

Heels are a flexible and stylish footwear choice, which is perfect for several outfits and occasions. By following the above tips, you can easily add these sandals to your wardrobe and walk out confidently with any ensemble. If you are looking for more footwear inspiration, do not forget to scroll through Shoe Connection AU. It is one of the finest online platforms that offers a range of footwear to adorn with different outfits by following many events. 


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