Reasons Behind the Oracle SCM 24B Release

SCM 24B Release

Leading business software solutions provider Oracle released Oracle SCM 24B in May 2024. Numerous cutting-edge features and improvements are included in this release to simplify supply chain operations and boost productivity, in addition to opening up new growth prospects. It’s critical to comprehend the motivations behind this important update alongside how it can help the company as the release date approaches.

Improved Inventory Tracking and Reporting

The addition of improved inventory tracking features is one of the main drivers behind the Oracle SCM 24B release. Businesses can now keep accurate and current inventory records thanks to the integration of Unique Device Identifier (UDI) reporting, which improves control in addition to visibility across the supply chain. This feature is especially helpful for manufacturing as well as healthcare organizations, where accurate inventory management is essential for compliance and smooth operations.

Real-Time Monitoring and Transparency

Real-time monitoring and transparency are critical in today’s fast-paced business environment to enable informed decision-making and prompt responses to shifting market conditions. This need is met by the Oracle SCM 24B release, which provides enhanced real-time materials management process monitoring. By doing this, businesses are better able to understand their supply chain operations, and spot bottlenecks, alongside streamline processes for optimal productivity.

Streamlined Order Management

Effective order handling is essential to a successful supply chain. Automatic backorders and shipment attributes are two of the improvements to this process that the Oracle SCM 24B release brings. In addition to lowering manual labor requirements, these features guarantee precise and prompt order fulfillment, raising customer satisfaction and cutting expenses.

Accurate Cost Analysis and Forecasting

Making wise business decisions and preserving profitability depend on effective cost management. Real-time supply chain cost rollup capabilities are included in the Oracle SCM 24B release, which helps businesses predict as well as analyze manufacturing process costs with accuracy. Businesses can use this insightful information to find ways to cut costs, and allocate resources more efficiently, in addition to eventually increasing overall operational effectiveness.

Increased Flexibility and Configurability

A primary motivator for the release of Oracle SCM 24B is the demand for supply chain management solutions with more flexibility and configurability. With the improvements made to Oracle Visual Builder Studio, companies can now customize Redwood pages to meet their unique needs. Furthermore, the incorporation of business rules facilitates enhanced customization, guaranteeing that the solution effortlessly conforms to the distinct requirements of every entity.


The introduction of Oracle SCM marked a significant turning point in the evolution of supply chain management technologies. The release of Oracle SCM 24B is a game-changing moment for supply chain management; it seamlessly integrates with Opkey’s disruptive innovations. Opkey is a leading no-coding Oracle testing platform and an official testing partner of Oracle. Opkey’s predictive intelligence makes it evident what modifications need to be made to the custom screens, and configurations, and transactions. When deciding what needs to be tested before making changes to the Oracle Cloud apps, it eliminates all uncertainty. One only needs to test the extremely risky cases and the dependent components of those cases, not every case. This removes hours of laborious manual work.


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