Why do men often face urinary issues?


Among the many health issues that are creeping up in men these days, we all agree to the fact that urinary issues are among the most common. Often it is during the elder age that men would have different types of urinary issues in them. But it is not always true either.

Urinary issues and health disorders surrounding the kidneys and prostate even occur at a tender age in men as low as in their 20s or 30s. 

Our aim here is to highlight the reasons behind men having urinary disorders. We shall also find out the common urinary health issues that creep up in men along with the ways to get rid of them and prevent yourself from becoming a victim of these disorders. Let’s begin… 

Reasons why men get urinary health disorders-

Now, at first, we need to know about the reasons behind the urinary health disorders among men. 


As we Have told you above, age is a natural factor which is beyond control for men. due to age, it is common to experience different forms of urinary issues such as urinary incontinence, and other disorders that affect your urine flow and urge. These disorders include kidney stones, benign prostatic hyperplasia, kidney failure, prostatitis, and so on. 

Addictiveness to unhealthy foods

Your diet is one of the key reasons causing extreme damage to your kidneys over the long tenure and eventually causing a lot of kidney health issues. addictiveness to sodas,  caffeinated drinks, and unhealthy fast foods that contain poor quality oil, cheese, and unhealthy fats are all responsible for causing different health issues in men. 

Alcohol usage over a long time

In men urinary disorders occur due to a primary reason and that is the addiction issues to alcohol. Alcohol can prove to be a major factor in ruining the health of the kidneys and damaging their normal functioning. Use of alcohol probably for years in high amounts can lead to different kidney infections, kidney cancer, and so on. Even men would face erection problems due to excessive use of alcohol and may have to use pills such as Cenforce 200 mg.


Stress and other psychological issues such as depression or anxiety are also crucial reasons for developing kidney health disorders. Due to high stress, the fine network of capillaries in the kidneys experience severe damage and eventual blockage primarily due to high blood pressure which is a separate reason in itself why men develop kidney health disorders. 

High blood pressure

As we told you above, high blood pressure or hypertension in itself is the sole reason for the development of kidney health disorders in men. high blood pressure when not cured damages the renal arteries causing blockage and eventually causing urinary issues such as urinary incontinence, weak flow of urine, and so on. men may even have chances of developing sexual health issues such as impotence for which they will need to use medicines such as Vidalista 20


Among the many reasons why men develop kidney health problems, one specific disorder has a major reason in itself. This is a diabetes disorder. As you all may know having diabetes your blood sugar levels are abnormally high. Due to these extreme blood glucose levels, the kidneys receive the most damage since they contain a fine network of arteries here and do the job of blood purification. Eventually due to diabetes, several disorders even the most severe ones such as kidney failures may occur causing urinary problems in men. 

Urinary health issues that are most common for men these days

Let us briefly know about some of the disorders infecting your urinary tract and causing urine difficulties-


Generally, this is a form of bacterial infection in the prostates that results in swelling and inflammation inside causing urine difficulties. 

Urinary incontinence

This is a sort of disorder where men would suddenly have an urge to pee beyond control. While urinating men may also observe symptoms such as weak flow of urine, dribbling of urine at the end, and inability to empty the bladder. 

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

This is a form of prostate inflammation although it is of non-cancerous type. The formation of benign tumors in the prostate gland would block the pipes through which urine flows eventually causing difficulty in urinating. 

The symptoms of urinary disorders

As we have told you above, urinary disorders generally provide some visual symptoms that you may notice while urinating. Some of the major symptoms include a sudden uncontrollable urge to pee, difficulty in starting urine flow, weak flow of urine, difficulty urinating completely, blood presence in urine which is a sign of kidney cancer, and so on. 

Final say

It is not that any form of urinary health disorder is not curable. You will have to detect the symptoms early and consult with a doctor to get the right form of remedy. Some lifestyle changes such as a good diet and reluctance to use unhealthy foods or fluids a good idea too. 


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