Top 5 Best Elden Ring Weapons For DLC

Elden Ring

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree offers a wealth of new content and challenges for players to explore. By preparing adequately, understanding the new mechanics, and embracing the expanded story, you can make the most of your journey into the Realm of Shadow. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newer player, these tips will help you navigate the DLC’s dangers and uncover its many secrets. Dive in, explore thoroughly, and enjoy the latest chapter in the epic saga of Elden Ring. Next, let’s check the top 5 best Elden Ring weapons for Erdtree of the Shadow!

The Power of Faith: The Blast Blade
The Blast Blade is highlighted as the top Elden Ring item for faith-based builds. This versatile straight sword deals high fire damage with its swift attacks. More than just offense, its innate healing ability also helps keep a Tarnished’s HP topped up during exploration and combat. An ash of war further amplifies its damage potential, cementing its status as a must-have for holy warriors. Between using it with a shield for protected swings or two-handing for maximum output, the Blast Blade accommodates various playstyles perfectly. Its balanced attributes make it a go-to choice for anyone focusing on faith.

A Hybrid’s Harmony: The Sword of Night and Flame
Another standout weapon is the Sword of Night and Flame. It is categorized as an unmatched hybrid option suited for builds leveling both faith and intelligence. Its unique ability to morph effortlessly between a sweeping flaming attack and an accurate long-range magic beam gives it incredible versatility against all foes. With its high scaling in both faith and intelligence stats, it remains a fearsome tool for any caster dabbling in both incantations and sorceries.

Intelligence Incarnate: The Wing of Estelle
When considering pure intelligence builds, the Wing of Estelle curved sword shines as a top pick. Its signature magic-infused vertical slash projects powerful waves of energy for damage at mid-range. Charging this ability unleashes a flurry of cuts that clear groups with ease. Additionally, its innate frost build-up adds crowd control potential against tough opponents. This Carian legacy weapon is a nightmare for foes of all types.

The Allure of Ancient Arms: The Moonlight Greatsword
Another legend lives on in Elden Ring – the iconic Moonlight Greatsword. With its greatly improved powerful moveset and heavy attacks that carve magnificent magical arcs, it is a boon for any caster. High scaling based on a wielder’s intelligence ensures it dishes out damage worthy of its prestigious pedigree across the Lands Between and beyond.

Dexterity’s Devastation: The Scavenger’s Curved Swords
The last highlighted weapon is dual Scavenger’s Curved Swords. Renowned for their utility, these agile blades excel for bleed and dexterity oriented builds. Their impressive damage output combined with inherent status build-up topples enemies with graceful sword mastery. For any rogue, they are lethal tools of choice. If you need cheap Elden Ring runes for these best weapons, AOEAH.COM is always a safe store to visit!


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