How to Get Dark Side Currency in SWGOH: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Get Dark Side Currency in SWGOH

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH), dark side currency is essential for enhancing your dark side characters and progressing in various game modes. This guide will provide a detailed overview of how to obtain dark side currency efficiently, ensuring you maximize your gameplay experience.

Understanding Dark Side Currency in SWGOH

Dark side currency, primarily referred to as “Galactic War Currency” or “Ship Tokens,” is used to purchase shards, gear, and other valuable resources. This currency is crucial for leveling up dark side characters, enhancing their abilities, and unlocking new characters. Here’s a breakdown of the key methods to earn this currency.

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1. Galactic War Battles

How to Access Galactic War:

  • Unlock at player level 40.
  • Available daily, with a series of battles against progressively harder teams.


  • Ensure a balanced team of both light and dark side characters.
  • Utilize healers and tanks to sustain through battles.
  • Reset the Galactic War table daily to maximize currency gains.

2. Fleet Battles and Fleet Arena

Fleet Battles:

  • Unlocked at player level 60.
  • Consists of different stages, each rewarding ship tokens upon completion.

Fleet Arena:

  • Unlocked at player level 60.
  • Compete against other players’ fleets for daily rewards.


  • Invest in a strong fleet to climb the ranks.
  • Daily participation in Fleet Arena ensures a steady income of ship tokens.

3. Challenges

Credit Heist:

  • Available every week, offering credits and sometimes dark side currency as rewards.

Training Droids Challenge:

  • Rewards training droids and occasionally dark side currency.


  • Complete all available challenges weekly.
  • Focus on upgrading characters to excel in these challenges.

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4. Daily Activities and Achievements

Daily Activities:

  • Completing daily activities provides a consistent stream of rewards, including dark side currency.


  • Achievements are milestones that, once reached, offer substantial rewards.
  • Many achievements are tied to the progression of dark side characters and battles.


  • Log in daily to complete activities.
  • Monitor and aim for achievement milestones.

5. Special Events and Raids

Special Events:

  • Periodic events offer opportunities to earn dark side currency.
  • Participate in events focused on dark side characters for extra rewards.


  • Guild participation in raids yields significant rewards.
  • Coordinate with your guild to tackle higher-tier raids for better rewards.


  • Join a proactive guild that regularly participates in raids and events.
  • Actively participate in special events to maximize gains.

6. Cantina Battles

How to Access:

  • Unlock at player level 28.
  • Battles require Cantina Energy, different from regular energy.


  • Shards, gear, and occasionally dark side currency.
  • Higher stages offer better rewards.


  • Focus on farming nodes that offer valuable shards and gear.
  • Manage Cantina Energy efficiently to ensure maximum daily battles.

7. Shipments and Shops


  • Refresh multiple times a day.
  • Offers gear, shards, and sometimes dark side currency for credits or crystals.


  • Galactic War Store, Fleet Store, and other in-game shops offer valuable items.
  • Use currency earned from various modes to purchase dark side character shards and gear.


  • Regularly check and purchase from shipments and shops.
  • Prioritize items that contribute to dark side character progression.

8. Tips for Maximizing Dark Side Currency

Balanced Team:

  • Ensure you have a mix of strong light and dark side characters.
  • A well-rounded roster helps in multiple game modes and events.

Energy Management:

  • Efficiently manage regular and Cantina Energy to maximize battles.
  • Participate in energy refresh events to get extra battles.

Regular Participation:

  • Log in daily and participate in all available game modes.
  • Consistency is key to accumulating dark side currency.

Focused Farming:

  • Identify key dark side characters you want to upgrade.
  • Focus your resources and battles on obtaining shards and gear for these characters.

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Earning dark side currency in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes requires a strategic approach and consistent participation. By leveraging Galactic War, Fleet Battles, challenges, daily activities, special events, Cantina Battles, and shops, you can efficiently gather the resources needed to enhance your dark side characters. Remember, a balanced team, efficient energy management, and regular participation are the cornerstones of maximizing your dark side currency gains. Follow this guide, and you’ll be well on your way to dominating the dark side in SWGOH.

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