6 Reasons to Convince You to Invest in Employee Scheduling Software

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Happy and gratified team members always end up churning out their best and optimal output while putting in more effort. This leads to a higher quality of projects and tasks they perform, which further results in happier customers. However, the important question is how to make this happen. Leveraging the benefits of technological advancement and implementing employee scheduling software is the best solution. Scheduling employees with such a tool can help a business reap a lot of benefits. Resource scheduling software not only enables efficient planning and creating feasible schedules but also helps you find the best resources for your projects. Besides, there are many other pros of investing in the right employee scheduling software. So, let’s dive in to understand that.

Understanding Resource Scheduling

In today’s dynamic business environment, businesses usually have multiple projects and assignments going on in parallel. It’s the project manager’s responsibility to ensure that every project progresses according to the established schedules. They also need to plan and allocate the required resources to various tasks and activities in each project. Moreover, in today’s work environment, most organizations have distributed teams and remote employees who are based out of multiple locations, and managers need to create feasible schedules while considering all these details and logistics. 

Therefore, resource scheduling can be termed as a process that aids project managers in:

  • Calculate all the resources needed to complete a project and its tasks
  • Find and check resource availability as per the competencies within the company
  • Schedule the right resources for the relevant activities and tasks depending on their skillsets, interests, and availability
  • Establish feasible timelines for all the tasks and projects
  • Create detailed schedules for the project and work towards meeting the deadlines
  • Assess the project’s progress and accordingly make adjustments
  • Avoid under-or over-booking or utilization of resources

Creating the resource schedule in an optimal manner is the first and most important step to the success of any project. Only then can you complete the project efficiently. Having said that, effective scheduling is just one aspect and by allocating tasks based on the competencies and capabilities of employees helps empower the team but doesn’t track and ensure that the resources won’t be over-or under-booked. In such a scenario, implementing employee scheduling software helps to utilize people more optimally and productively, leading to better quality output.

Reasons to Implement Employee Scheduling Software

  1. Simplify the resource scheduling and allocation process

Employee scheduling software assures to simplify various processes like resource planning, allocation, scheduling, and project and resource management. For example, it helps to identify resource availability throughout the organization with just a few clicks. Create the most feasible and detailed resource plans and allocate employees to various tasks and projects accordingly. eResource Scheduler is a top-rated, cloud-based employee scheduling software offering an intuitive interface and high configurability, which helps with  efficient resource scheduling. It also helps provide comprehensive reports and data around availability, utilization, which in turn enables making well-informed hiring and allocation decisions. 

  1. Find resource availability with real-time data and reports

You may have a project plan in place, but then finding the right people becomes a challenge. The employees you may want for a project could be occupied with other assignments on the timelines you need them. So, what’s the solution? Checking the availability of all the resources based in different locations isn’t an easy task. The right employee scheduling software aids you in aligning people according to their competencies, experience, interests, availability, etc. Such software also offers accurate data, unlike human errors in manually created spreadsheets.

  1. Track resource utilization easily

Calculating and tracking resource utilization is another reason for investing in the right employee scheduling software. This key metric is represented by a percentage of an employee’s productive time. The following formula helps to estimate resource utilization: 

Busy or productive time of a team member / Available time (for a specific time-period)

This metric is key to comprehending whether your team members are optimally utilized or operating at their maximum efficiency or not. It also provides clear insight into availability and you can check if any resource is under or overutilized. Employee scheduling software offers you real time resource utilization data for each staff member or the entire team for a particular time period.

  1. Make better decisions with data-driven insights

Employee scheduling software often includes reporting and analytics features, which also enable project managers to collect key data on performance, schedules, and resource utilization. When analyzing these insights, businesses can make well-informed decisions about scheduling and allocation, planning, and future staffing requirements.

  1. Streamline operational and workflow design 

Employee scheduling software also helps streamline all the tasks at hand and automates repetitive tasks within the workflow. This helps efficiently allocate top resources and employees to the most critical tasks. Moreover, an employee scheduling app facilitates creating simple and uncomplicated workflows for your projects and processes. Managers can just input the tasks, and the tool generates a feasible sequence that should be followed.

  1. Easily calculate revenue and streamline reporting

Another advantage of implementing an employee scheduling software is that it aids you in assessing the overall expenses of your projects. You can also pull up-to-date data every week or on a monthly basis. This helps in easily determining the best solutions to the current challenges you may be facing and aiming to improve your productivity and profitability. The detailed reports and visual dashboards enable evaluating progress and accordingly plan for the future.

  1. Facilitate seamless communication and transparency

Efficient and open communication is important to maintain a transparent work environment. The right employee scheduling software acts as a catalyst for better coordination among employees, teams, departments, and stakeholders. A top-rated tool like eResource Scheduler fosters open communication and smooth data flow while offering a bird’s eye view of the entire resource pool, projects, resources, availability, workload distribution, utilization, etc. This clearer visibility helps in making date-driven decisions.

eResource Scheduler: Choose a Premier Resource Scheduling Software to Boost Productivity and Profitability

Recent data indicates that the global employee scheduling software market is set to reach USD 530 million in 2024, a 13.4% annual growth from USD 250 million in 2019. eResource Scheduler is an award-winning solution to uplift your utilization anywhere by 18 to 30%. Acting as a centralized online repository for all your staff and projects, this cloud-based tool offers real-time insights into employee availability, project status, and performance and profitability metrics. This helps project managers in successfully navigating through the development lifecycle and meet the timelines while delivering high-quality outcomes. If you need more insights into this tool, a free trial would provide firsthand experience of its features and benefits.


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