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Do you play Pokemon Go on your iOS device? Do you wish you could virtually jet-set around the world to snag region-exclusive Pokemon without leaving your couch? If you’re nodding your head furiously, then you’ve probably considered Pokemon Go spoofing. Fortunately, this article will explore MocPOGO, the perfect spoofer to level up your Pokemon Go game from anywhere. Let’s hop in. 

Top Reasons Why Pokemon Go Players Might Consider Spoofing 

Pokemon Go is among the best location-based games that you can use a spoofing app to get past the gameplay limitations. Here are some common reasons a spoofer tool comes in handy:

Limited local Pokemon: If you live in an area with few Pokestops or Gyms, spoofing could take you virtually to a bustling city center, overflowing with rare Pokemon and opportunities for raids.  

Accessibility issues: For people with physical limitations that makes venturing out difficult, spoofing allows you to virtually explore your town, keeping you engaged in the game.

Event participation: If there’s a special Raid Battle featuring a legendary Pokemon, but it’s happening far from your home, spoofing could help to teleport you to join the Raid.

Shiny hunting: The allure of a rare, shiny Pokemon is undeniable. Spoofing allows access to a wider range of spawns, potentially increasing your chances of encountering one. 

Community challenges: Some in-game events require players to catch specific Pokemon or raid at different Gyms. Spoofing offers a great chance to complete these challenges quickly.

MocPOGO – The Best Pokemon Go Spoofer App for iOS

MocPOGO claims the throne as a top contender in the realm of Pokemon Go spoofing apps. It prioritizes ease of use with a user-friendly interface. You can use it for Pokemon Go to teleport your character to any corner of the globe in an instant. Moreover, you can also simulate your GPS movement to help you hatch eggs faster while you lie on the couch enjoying the game. 

Key Features of MocPOGO’s Pokemon Go Spoofer

Effortless teleportation: Gone are the days of walking! Search for any location or enter specific coordinates, and your Pokemon Go avatar instantly appears there.

Movement simulation: You can simulate your GPS movements with options such as walking, driving, or riding. MocPOGO also allows you to customize your avatar’s speed. 

Cooldown timer: Never cross the line of Pokemon Go. MocPOGO has a cooldown timer that alerts you after each teleport to keep you within the game’s timer rule. 

No jailbreak: MocPOGO works without complicated tweaks to your smartphone’s security. This makes it easier to use for a wider range of users since it is risk-free.

Multi-device management: Got multiple Pokemon Go accounts? No problem! MocPOGO lets you spoof the location on several devices at once, keeping all your accounts in the action.

Advanced spoofing options: Take spoofing beyond just teleporting. Use MocPOGO’s joystick to control your avatar’s movement virtually with 360° directions.

What Can You Enjoy Pokemon Go on iOS by Using MocPOGO?

There are two main tricks you can leverage the MocPOGO Pokemon GO iOS spoofer to elevate your gaming experience. These include:

  1. Change GPS location to anywhere in seconds

MocPOGO location-spoofing app is your key to teleporting around the Pokemon Go world with the click of a button. Whether you crave a coveted Pokemon exclusive to another region, or want to virtually raid with far-flung friends. You can simply enter the location name or specific coordinates you desire, and your Pokemon Go avatar will warp there instantly. Moreover, you can even randomly generate pins on the map for a surprise adventure, or revisit past virtual expeditions by choosing from your spoofing history.

  1. Simulate GPS movement with custom speeds

MocPOGO takes the walking grind out of Pokemon Go and eliminates the need of pounding the pavement to hatch eggs. It helps you to become a master couch potato trainer using its speed customization feature. No need to break a sweat hatching those 10km eggs faster! MocPOGO lets you set your speed to walking, driving, or riding. That way, your avatar can be on the move with the flexibility to adjust its speed from 3.6km/h to 100km/h. You can also use its two-spot to hack eggs faster and multi-spot mode to set personalized walking routes. 

How to Use MocPOGO to Supercharge Your Pokemon Go Experience on iOS 

MocPOGO is a straightforward app that you can download for free, install, connect your device, and spoof your GPS location effortlessly. Here is how to get started on your iOS device:

Step 1: Install and connect your iOS device

Visit MocPOGO’s official site and click on the “Free Download” button to install the software program on your computer. Locate the file setup file and click on it to finish the installation, register the tool, and click “Start”. On the next screen, click the “iOS” tab to select your device type. Connect your iPhone using WiFi or with a USB cable to a Mac or PC. For first timers, you must enable Developer Mode on your iOS device to proceed. 

Step 2: Spoof GPS location

Now you can change your iPhone’s GPS location from point one point to another instantly with teleport and jump modes, and use the joystick for easy navigation. Click the “Teleport” icon on the top-right corner of your screen. On the search box, enter a specific location name, or exact coordinates and click “Go” on the next popup. Your iPhone’s GPS location will teleport and you can now play Pokemon Go from the selected location.

Alternatively, you can also use the automatic jump teleport mode which is specifically built for Pokemon Go players. It displays the cooldown timer per the distance covered to help you avoid a ban on the game. If you use this mode and jump to a new location, it is recommended to wait for the cooldown time to expire before you can perform another action on Pokemon Go.    

For easy movement control, use the joystick mode to maneuver your avatar’s walking using the keyboard. At the left-bottom of your screen, click the “Joystick” button and click “Start”. Your Pokemon Go character will start walking and you can control its direction easily. 

Step 3: Disable the fake GPS location

After you have played Pokemon Go, it is best to retrieve your iPhone’s GPS location to your real-time location. This allows your other apps to now use the real location instead of the fake GPS location. To do that, you have to restart the iOS device. Once it restarts, the GPS location will change and you can continue to use your device normally.

Tip: You can also use MocPOGO on your iPhone without the need for a computer. 

Simply get the MocPOGO iOS app from the official site. Install and launch the software program and also open Pokemon Go on your iOS device. 

On the MocPOGO iOS app, click “Teleport” mode. This allows you to change the GPS location by entering a specific address or coordinates. Click “Teleport” after entering the details, and a a new pop up “Change location successfully” will appear. Click “OK”. Now, go back to the app launcher and go to your Pokemon Go game.    

Suppose you want to simulate movement, use the “Walk” mode. Set a target location and click “Walk”. MocPOGO will find the perfect route and on your game, your avatar will start walking following the suggested route plan.  


As seen above, MocPOGO offers a resourceful package for Pokemon Go players seeking an edge. From simple tools like teleport to advanced features like joystick control, user-friendliness, and eliminating the technical hurdle of jailbreaking. Pokemon Go players can use MocPOGO to spoof location, conquer in-game challenges, and maximize your catching potential. It is your gateway to unlock a world of possibilities in Pokemon Go. However, you should use it wisely to keep the adventure rolling while avoiding a ban.   


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