Ways to maintain your air duct

air duct

It is essential to check your air duct frequently. If you leave it without maintaining it will cause severe problems to your health. You can also ask for suggestions from experts on how to maintain your air duct. You can compare and pick the best professional for duct maintenance. The methods listed below will help your air duct last longer: 

Keep changing the air filter:

Your primary protection against airborne particles is the basic air filter. Larger particles like dust and hair are captured by your air filter, which is simple to install. Depending on its thickness, the air filter may need to be changed every one to three months. 

The experts will assist you if you feel uneasy replacing your air filter. For added convenience, you can also enrol in a preventive maintenance program. To have good maintenance, you can appoint a professional duct cleaning Melbourne

Keep the vents clear:

It is never advisable to place furniture or any other kind of impediment in front of an air vent, although it may seem harmless. In addition to preventing air from leaving the room, obstructing an air vent can eventually cause more serious issues. 

First, the blower fan will be subjected to needless strain as your HVAC system works harder to heat or cool your house. A blockage may alter the system’s pressure and endanger your duct system. Lastly, placing furniture over an air vent could be better for the furniture. 

Employ a qualified specialist in air duct cleaning. 

Employ experts to maintain and repair your ducting. Any barrier inside the ductwork can be as harmful as the furniture placed in front of your vents if it is a terrible notion. Furthermore, these obstructions can accumulate and cause problems for the HVAC system, including a fire hazard. For example, an air filter that has become caught in the ductwork and must be blown out requires contacting an HVAC service provider.

Think about putting a UV bulb in the ducting:

Remember that UV lights use solar light to sterilise the air, eliminate bacteria, and eliminate mould and fungus spores. This can help stop the formation of mould and fungal colonies in your ductwork, a region where controlling humidity is often difficult. It also enriches the grade of air within your home.   

Always test the duct:

The HVAC specialist will check how much air is lost and how stable the system is and evaluate the air pressure inside the ducts while the system runs. Selecting the best duct cleaning Melbourne has the potential to improve the ducting design in your business and offer advice on how to maintain your duct system.

Keep dust levels low: 

The HVAC system recycles most of the air in your home. By routinely vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting the living spaces, you can prevent dust from entering the ductwork through the return air the furnace fan uses. 

To achieve optimal outcomes, use a Hoover cleaner with a dense exhaust air filter. However, a HEPA-rated air filter is not necessary. Instead of dusting with traditional cloth types that might not capture particles, use microfiber dusters for efficient hard-surface dusting.  

Control humidity:

Sustaining the ideal humidity level keeps your house comfortable and prevents mould from developing in your ducts. Appropriate humidity ranges may also benefit clean air ducts.

Winding up:

The above-mentioned are the tips for maintaining your duct system. Regular maintenance will help you have good health. Regular cleaning of your air ducts will drastically lower the allergens in your house. When your HVAC system circulates dirty air around your house, allergens may be released into the air you breathe, leading to respiratory issues and allergy symptoms. 


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