How to Beat Jawas in SWGOH: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Beat Jawas in SWGOH

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH), the Jawa team can be a surprisingly formidable opponent due to their unique abilities and synergy. Whether you’re facing them in Grand Arena Championships, Territory Wars, or Galactic Challenges, having a solid strategy is essential for coming out on top. This guide will provide you with detailed tips and strategies on how to beat Jawas in SWGOH.

Understanding the Jawa Team Composition

The typical Jawa team consists of:

  1. Chief Nebit – The tank of the team with abilities to taunt and protect allies.
  2. Jawa Engineer – Provides critical heals and turn meter boosts.
  3. Dathcha – Specializes in dealing damage to droids and removing enemy buffs.
  4. Jawa Scavenger – Lays down thermal detonators, which can cause significant damage over time.
  5. Jawa – The basic Jawa who synergizes with the rest of the team.

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Key Abilities to Watch Out For

Thermal Detonators: Jawa Scavenger’s ability to apply thermal detonators can quickly become overwhelming. These detonators explode after two turns, dealing massive damage to your team if not dealt with promptly.

Turn Meter Manipulation: Jawa Engineer can significantly increase the Jawa team’s turn meter, allowing them to take more turns and apply more debuffs.

Buff Removal: Dathcha can strip away beneficial buffs from your team, making it harder to maintain your advantage.

Strategies to Counter Jawas

1. High Damage, Quick Execution Team

To defeat Jawas effectively, consider using a high-damage team that can quickly take out key members before they have a chance to apply too many thermal detonators or other debuffs. Here are some effective teams:

Rey (Jedi Training) and Resistance Heroes:

  • Rey (Jedi Training): Her ability to stun and her leadership that grants foresight can mitigate incoming damage.
  • BB-8: Provides turn meter and exposes the enemy, making them easier to take down.
  • Resistance Trooper: Can dispel buffs and deal high damage.
  • R2-D2: Offers stealth and additional buffs.

Imperial Troopers:

  • General Veers: His leadership ability grants bonus turn meter on kills, allowing your team to snowball.
  • Colonel Starck: Provides buffs and additional turn meter.
  • Death Trooper: His Terminate ability can prevent revives.

2. Debuff Control Team

Using a team that can control debuffs is crucial to counter the thermal detonators effectively. Teams with cleanse abilities are particularly useful.

Commander Luke Skywalker (CLS) and Rebels:

  • CLS: His leadership ability grants tenacity and counter-attacks, disrupting the Jawa team’s flow.
  • Chewbacca: Can cleanse debuffs and provide guard to key characters.
  • Han Solo: His ability to shoot first can immediately take out a crucial Jawa.


  • Mother Talzin: Her Plague can deal damage over time, bypassing taunts.
  • Old Daka: Provides revives and stuns.
  • Nightsister Zombie: Absorbs damage and constantly revives.

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Specific Tactics

  1. Focus on Jawa Scavenger First: Jawa Scavenger’s thermal detonators are the biggest threat. Taking him out early will reduce the risk of your team getting overwhelmed by detonators.
  2. Use Buffs Wisely: While buffs can enhance your team’s performance, be aware that Dathcha can strip them away. Use characters that can reapply buffs quickly or benefit from having them stripped.
  3. Manage Turn Meter: Characters like Thrawn or Hermit Yoda can manipulate turn meter to your advantage. Thrawn’s Fracture ability can disable key targets, while Hermit Yoda’s Master’s Training boosts ally stats.
  4. AoE Attacks: Area of Effect (AoE) attacks can help manage the spread of thermal detonators. Characters like Emperor Palpatine or Darth Vader can deal significant AoE damage while applying debuffs to control the fight.

Additional Tips

  • Modding: Ensure your team is modded for high speed and tenacity. High speed allows you to take more turns, while high tenacity reduces the chances of debuffs sticking.
  • Zeta Abilities: Invest in zeta abilities that enhance your team’s survivability and damage output.
  • Practice: Use Galactic War or Squad Arena to practice against Jawa teams. Understanding their mechanics and testing different strategies will prepare you for real battles.

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Defeating Jawas in SWGOH requires a combination of high damage output, effective debuff management, and strategic targeting. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the Jawa team and utilizing the right characters and tactics, you can overcome this pesky faction and secure victory in your battles. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, these strategies will help you navigate the challenges posed by the Jawa team and emerge victorious.

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